The Big Crunch

As if we haven't spent the last six months thinking that we're living in strange times, the past month has seen things take an even more concerning turn. At the end of July, Stagecoach announced they were forming a new "Stagecoach Solutions" unit for corporate travel, education and contract services. This bears a striking resemblance… Continue reading The Big Crunch

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Scheduler

Quite by chance earlier this week, i met up with a friend of mine who i hadn't spoken to in a while. As neither of us were required for further labouring for a good half hour, we found a cafe and spent a while chattering. A thankless task My friend showed me a thread on… Continue reading The Loneliness of the Long Distance Scheduler

The Balancing Act

Apologies for this eventually being published after the event. A problem with some bus services is the act of balancing out the bits that work commercially with the less renumerative social and political demands. Sometimes a balance can be struck, sometimes it doesn't work. As an example, i'll point to our Friday shopper's bus diagram.… Continue reading The Balancing Act

WECA’s Final Solution: A Response

As promised in Ask a Stupid Question, here is our full response to the WECA Bus Strategy Consultation. The consultation (open until Sunday 15/03/20) is still available at TravelWest. Just in case it disappears, the consultation document can also be found here: West-of-England-Bus-Strategy FYI: Consultation headings in bold, direct quotations in italics, responses in plain… Continue reading WECA’s Final Solution: A Response