Over the past decade, Dial-a-Ride schemes across Bath and North East Somerset have done extraordinary damage to the bus network. These parasitic "charities" are stealing revenue from tax paying, licenced businesses and we're supposed to think this is a good thing. Take a look at the supported bus network in B&NES. Passenger numbers on less… Continue reading Dial-a-Loss


Black Market Procurement

A troubling situation at a local school has recently come to something of a head, which will hopefully lead to some enforcement action being taken. As there may well be legal action being taken, details in this post will be rather sketchy. Outside of the urban sprawl, regular drivers of school coaches get to recognise… Continue reading Black Market Procurement


Some bus services give themselves to a perfectly logical layout. Others evolve in to stability over time. Some just defy any logic and whatever you try to provide over the route ends up being a complete pudding. Yate and Bristol Yate is a dormitory town to Bristol which has grown since the second world war… Continue reading Puddings