FreeBus: A lot of publicity, but not much else

The start of the 2010 decade was a tumultuous time on Bristol's public transport. Rotala Wessex were keen to make their presence felt in the city. Bristol City Council's lead on Transport, Gary Hopkins was trying to entice other major group operators in to the city by mass tendering every supported service at once (spoiler,… Continue reading FreeBus: A lot of publicity, but not much else

Solving a failure of The Big Project

Since Metrobus m1 started, there have been a number of moans on the First Bus Bristol: Have Your Say Facebook group regarding broken links since the withdrawal of services 50 and 90 from various parts of Inns Court and Hengrove. Since the splitting of service 36 at Brislington, there is now an extra vehicle working… Continue reading Solving a failure of The Big Project


Some bus services give themselves to a perfectly logical layout. Others evolve in to stability over time. Some just defy any logic and whatever you try to provide over the route ends up being a complete pudding. Yate and Bristol Yate is a dormitory town to Bristol which has grown since the second world war… Continue reading Puddings