Ask the Audience?

Our local branch of Tesco has a board at the back of the store which features responses to customer questions. 80% of these take the form of "You asked why we no longer stock Freeman's Biscuits. These are no longer available from our supplier." and the vast majority have a negative answer. Perhaps what Tesco… Continue reading Ask the Audience?

Involved and Informed?

This post was originally written last year, then shelved because i wasn't happy with it. Whilst looking through subjects i had previously written about, i found a new enthusiasm to improve and present it, so here it is. Ask the Audience A common criticism aimed at bus operators in the aftermath of service changes is… Continue reading Involved and Informed?

WECA’s Final Solution: A Response

As promised in Ask a Stupid Question, here is our full response to the WECA Bus Strategy Consultation. The consultation (open until Sunday 15/03/20) is still available at TravelWest. Just in case it disappears, the consultation document can also be found here: West-of-England-Bus-Strategy FYI: Consultation headings in bold, direct quotations in italics, responses in plain… Continue reading WECA’s Final Solution: A Response