BSIP Press: A Response

North Somerset Council have today released this press release regarding their Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to create an Enhanced Partnership (EP) scheme they are enacting with the West of England Combined Authority. In response:Citistar have been forced to stop running bus services because our services were excluded from the scheme. This exclusion would give… Continue reading BSIP Press: A Response

99 and out: The end of buses between Blagdon and Weston-super-Mare

Tuesday 12th April 2022 will see the end of bus services between Blagdon and Weston-super-Mare, which first began on 1st June 1923. Almost 99 years of continuous service in one form or another will conclude as Citistar service 134 is withdrawn primarily as a result of changes to concessionary fare reimbursements and the Enhanced Partnership… Continue reading 99 and out: The end of buses between Blagdon and Weston-super-Mare

One way or another, we’ll make you wait.

Today (Tuesday 6th April 2021) saw the launch of another four North Somerset Council supported bus services. Service 56 (Clevedon - Walton Bay) had been supposed to start last Thursday, but belatedly made it's debut today after somebody copied and pasted the wrong bit of supporting text to Facebook. Source: North Somerset Public Transport Facebook… Continue reading One way or another, we’ll make you wait.


It would appear that some of the structure for providing local transport after Covid is starting to take shape. It seems that Transport Authorities have been given some indications of the form which the long awaited National Bus Strategy will take. Regardless of any ongoing issues, attempting to discuss longer term issues is currently met… Continue reading Empire!

The Balancing Act

Apologies for this eventually being published after the event. A problem with some bus services is the act of balancing out the bits that work commercially with the less renumerative social and political demands. Sometimes a balance can be struck, sometimes it doesn't work. As an example, i'll point to our Friday shopper's bus diagram.… Continue reading The Balancing Act