FreeBus: A lot of publicity, but not much else

The start of the 2010 decade was a tumultuous time on Bristol's public transport. Rotala Wessex were keen to make their presence felt in the city. Bristol City Council's lead on Transport, Gary Hopkins was trying to entice other major group operators in to the city by mass tendering every supported service at once (spoiler,… Continue reading FreeBus: A lot of publicity, but not much else

A Blueprint for Commercial Progress

Several pressure groups are using the current situation and funding to call for greater long term regulation to be brought in to the bus industry. Knee-jerk reactions to such an opportunity to make sweeping changes would almost certainly deliver disasterous results as such things need careful consideration to ensure they are fit for purpose. In… Continue reading A Blueprint for Commercial Progress

WECA’s Final Solution: A Response

As promised in Ask a Stupid Question, here is our full response to the WECA Bus Strategy Consultation. The consultation (open until Sunday 15/03/20) is still available at TravelWest. Just in case it disappears, the consultation document can also be found here: West-of-England-Bus-Strategy FYI: Consultation headings in bold, direct quotations in italics, responses in plain… Continue reading WECA’s Final Solution: A Response