BSIP Press: A Response

North Somerset Council have today released this press release regarding their Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) to create an Enhanced Partnership (EP) scheme they are enacting with the West of England Combined Authority. In response:Citistar have been forced to stop running bus services because our services were excluded from the scheme. This exclusion would give… Continue reading BSIP Press: A Response

The long and the short of it

We'll start with the short. Following an announcement on board my bus services this week, this accompanying notice explains my position. There are a lot of factors involved over and above those on the notice, so i'll go in to a little more detail here. The income squeezePrior to Covid coming along and making everything… Continue reading The long and the short of it

WECA: Where flawed metrics replace informed decisions

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has recently undertaking their first local bus service tendering exercise to procure replacements for expired contracted services in B&NES and South Gloucestershire. 74 lots for bus services ranging from a single return journey once a week to frequent weekday services were offered for quotation, with services to replace… Continue reading WECA: Where flawed metrics replace informed decisions

Decision Time

The West of England Combined Authority is probably the most important body in the area where transport is concerned. The "Metro Mayor" as the leader of it is therefore a very important person in the lives of public transport passengers and providers as their policies will set the tone for the direction that WECA takes.… Continue reading Decision Time

We(ca) choose a Dictatorship

I have written extensively in the past regarding my frustrations with all operator ticketing in WECA. All operator ticketing would give operators other than First the opportunity to provide services which are complementary the greater network rather than combative (something which barely exists in WECAvon now anyway). First's local dominance of Mobile Ticketing and the… Continue reading We(ca) choose a Dictatorship